Pregnancy Choices

Saint Gianna Center a place for pregnancy choices,
and for hope.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, Saint Gianna Center can help you — male or female — to make important decisions about your future. We can offer as much support as you desire. We care about you and do not want you to have to face this situation alone.

A place for you.

Sometimes when you are under pressure to make quick decisions (coerced) it’s hard to know where to turn. In those times, what we all need most is a place to go where there is time to think… a place where there is no pressure. Saint Gianna Center is that kind of place. Be kind to yourself, and take the time to really understand all of your options and opportunities.

We are here to listen.

Have you ever found someone who would take the time to listen to you… to understand you without judging? At Saint Gianna Center that’s what we do. We listen… we really listen. We give you the facts, and help if you want us to – but most of all we listen. Then you make the decisions.

Listen to yourself. Take the time to reflect…quietly.

Every human being is special. You are special. Your circumstances are different and unique to you. By understanding you, we can help you better. You need to understand some things about your life and other’s lives as well. That requires time… to think and reflect. Where is your life going? What really matters? What will matter ten years from now? Will you be able to live with your decisions? We can help you sort things out. That is what we do. We can do it for you too! But only if you call us or stop in.

Learn about relationships, sex, and pregnancy.

The decisions you make today about your sexuality will directly affect your future. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), unplanned pregnancy, feelings of being exploited and used, guilt and shame are common results of having sexual relations before marriage. Talk to us about making better decisions about your sexual life and health, including birth control facts and pregnancy information. We all make mistakes, but the biggest one of all is not learning from previous ones.

Abortion information and medical facts.

Make sure you know the facts. Abortion is a legal choice, but that does not make it easy. You may feel pressured into an abortion decision by your life circumstances. We will help you examine all of your options. If you decide to have an abortion, we can help with possible emotional difficulties post-abortion.