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The Saint Gianna Center provides free, confidential, professional grade pregnancy testing. The test that is used is the ProPhase Plus single step pregnancy test, which is 99.9% accurate.

Alternatives to Abortion

Saint Gianna Center advisors will discuss with you the many alternative options that exist for you beyond abortion. These include:
Marriage: When are the circumstances right for marriage?
Single parenting: What does that mean for you?
Adoption: What are the new possibilities?

How do these options fit into your future and the future of your pre-born child?

Referrals for Outside Services

Saint Gianna Center provides referrals for financial, legal, and medical aid, including off site referrals for ultrasound and STD testing. We have a wide network of local agencies with whom we work to obtain optimum care for our clients.

Housing Options

Saint Gianna Center may be able to provide housing options for clients in need. We work with host families who open their homes to women in need of housing during the pregnancy and beyond. An interview and established code of conduct, as well as reasonable house rules, are required when this option is considered.

Labor and Delivery Support

A consultant is available to attend labor and delivery with clients when no other support is available.

Childbirth and Parenting Classes

“Earn While You Learn” is our popular program that consists of childbirth and parenting classes that are made available to first time parents. Clients learn about delivery techniques and parenting skills that are important once birth has arrived. Upon completion of the course, clients are eligible to receive items that will be needed for the baby’s care.

Adoption Possibilities

A Saint Gianna Center Adoption Specialist is available to meet with clients to discuss this loving option.

Post-Abortion Support and Recovery

Saint Gianna Center recognizes that abortion is a traumatic event and provides an individualized program to assist clients in their recovery.

We Care ….

The center is staffed by experienced, well-trained volunteers who are always ready to listen.

How We Help:
• Free, Confidential Pregnancy Testing

• Help In Arranging Financial, Legal, and Medical Assistance
• Educational Materials
• Education In Fetal Development
• Factual Information On Abortion
• Adoption Information
• Child Birth Prep Classes
• Maternity Clothes/Layettes
• Parenting Classes
• Social Service Referrals
• Referrals For Housing Providers
• Post-Abortion Support And Education For Women And Men
• Emotional and Spiritual Support

Your Decision – Your Choice

It’s your decision. The decision you make is up to you — not your boyfriend, not your friends, not even your family. It’s your decision. That’s empowerment. A choice has consequences. Life tomorrow is shaped by the decisions you make today.

We’re here to help …

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